Competitive Cheer

CAAC Competitive Cheer is conducted in two Divisions for the 2016-17 season as follows:

White Division – Eaton Rapids, Fowlerville, Portland, Williamston, Charlotte

Red Division – Holt, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, St. Johns, Owosso, Waverly

2017 All Conference Awards

The 2016 CAAC Scholarship Meet was held at Mason HS on Friday, December 16th.  Charlotte won the varsity team competition. 

Varsity Meet Results       PDF

JV Meet Results

Scholarship recipients for 2016 were as follows:   (pictured)
$500 Scholarships – Mylisa MacKenzie of Owosso  and Sarah Lanes of Owosso
$750 Scholarship – Kyra Moore of Waverly
$1000 Scholarships – Teaghan Thomas of Waverly and Ashlyn Bailey of Eaton Rapids
$1250 Scholarship – Mykenzie Lochner of Mason

Division meet resultsfor 2016-17 are as follows:

Jan. 11 – White Division meet at Williamston, Red Division meet at Dewitt   White Results File     Red Results File
Jan. 25. – White Division meet at Portland, Red Division meet at St. Johns   White Results File    Red Results File
Feb. 8 – White Division meet at Eaton Rapids, Red Division meet at Owosso   White Division Final    Red Division Final


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