CAAC Meeting Minutes & Calendar

The CAAC Athletic Directors meet monthly August thru June in the second Wednesday of each month.  Principals are included in the December and May meetings.  Minutes of the meetings are posted here for review and reference.

November 2017 Minutes

October 2017 Minutes

September 2017 Minutes

August 2017 Minutes

May 2017 Minutes

April 2017 Minutes

March 2017 Minutes

February 2017 Minutes

January 2017 Minutes

December 2016 Minutes

November 2016 Minutes

October 2016 Minutes

September 2016 Minutes

August 2016 Minutes

May 2016 Minutes

April 2016 Minutes

March 2016 Minutes

February 2016 Minutes

January 2016 Minutes

December 2015 Minutes

November 2015 Minutes

October 2015 Minutes

September 2015 Minutes

August 2015 Minutes

May 2015 Minutes

April 2015 Minutes

March 2015 Minutes

February 2015 Minutes

January 2015 Minutes

December 2014 minutes

November 2014 minutes

October 2014 minutes

September 2014 minutes

August 2014 minutes










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