Predictably, an elected official has introduced legislation to allow all transfer students in Michigan public schools to have athletic eligibility without restriction, and to bar a public school from joining any organization that has rules restricting eligibility for transfer students.  Such misguided initiatives are political pandering targeting  a recent MHSAA ruling involving a student in the Clarkston school district.  The bill is really a disguise for “free agency” in school sports for transfer students.  MHSAA member schools should send a message to their elected representatives that such legislation is tantamount to chaos, undermines the integrity of school based sports and should be stopped cold.

A federal district court has ruled in favor of the MHSAA, rejecting a request from a Clarkston student for an injunction against a ruling barring the eligibility after his recent transfer.  It upholds enforcement of a clear-cut and straightforward MHSAA rule regarding transfers.  The plaintiff attorney comments after the ruling were disgusting, flippant and deplorable, criticizing a judge for a ruling they concede was based on law while in a court of law.

The MHSAA will soon be considering a change in its transfer rule.  New regulations would be more restrictive for students who transfer and do not qualify for one of the stated exceptions, such as a family move.  It is a bold move and much needed.  Students may transfer to a different school as they please, but the MHSAA is correct on restricting athletic eligibility so such moves are for the right reasons.

Recent media reports regarding a student moving from Dakota HS to Clarkston HS and resulting restrictions on athletic eligibility due to violations of MHSAA regulations deserve close attention.  The MHSA applied existing regulations correctly.  The actions of Clarkston, it’s board of education, administrators and others are disgusting.  MHSAA member schools should support their state associations’ enforcement of regulations and subsequent rulings.

The CAAC Athletic Directors meet monthly during the school year with meeting minutes posted when approved at the subsequent monthly meeting. Principals meet in joint session with the AD’s in December.

Chris Ervin of St. Johns is the CAAC president for the 2017-18 school year.

Charlotte rejoins the CAAC Red Division for 2017-18 while Owosso departs the league.

In each of the individual sports pages on the CAAC Web site, master schedules, all-conference honorees, divisional conference meet results and scores and standings in selected team sports are posted during the season.

Randy Allen serves as the CAAC Commissioner for administrative functions and responsibilities.

DeWitt will host the annual CAAC Competitive Cheer scholarship meet in December, 2017.

The fall CAAC Boys Soccer Cup Finals will be hosted by Grand Ledge in October.

For the 2017-18 school year the following are the standard division alignments

Blue Division
East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Holt, Jackson, Lansing Eastern, Lansing Everett, Lansing Sexton, Okemos

Red Division
Charlotte, DeWitt, Haslett, Mason, St. Johns, Waverly

White Division
Eaton Rapids, Fowlerville, Ionia, Lansing Catholic Central, Portland, Williamston

The CAAC will re-align effective in the 2018-19 school year with DeWitt and Waverly joining the Blue Division, Lansing Eastern, Fowlerville and Williamston move to the Red Division, Lansing Sexton and Charlotte join the White Division.  Jackson will depart the CAAC in 2018-19 to join the SEC.